The Visual Thesaurus (VT) is an interactive reference tool that increases a student's ability for reading, writing and communicating.  This Web 2.0 tool is a dictionary and thesaurus that promotes reading comprehension, introduces new vocabulary words and concepts, and proper pronunciation.  The VT creates a word map with the main word in the center of the screen connected by related words and meanings.  Students will find synonyms, definitions, various word meanings, antonyms, and pronunciations.   

Some of advantages of the VT are:
  • research the Internet for word related websites and images
  • contains over 145,000 English words and 115,000 meanings
  • ability to see and explore different parts of speech
  • access the VT from any Internet-connect computer
  • visual learning
  • Create and share with other students
  • explore words in other languages
  • productive tool for ESL students

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