Online Movies & Videos

TeacherTube to the rescue...

Created by a veteran teacher, Jason Smith, TeacherTube has spread into classrooms all over world.  This great site allows students and teachers to:

-Upload and share videos
-Find and use videos to enhance learning
-Join groups
-Create you own educational videos
-Watch professional development videos
-Subscribe to specific member videos
-Save favorite videos

Check out the following links for more educational videos and movies

BrainPop: This site contains animated movies, media coverage, interactive content and much more. 

Educational Movies:  Educational site map with hundreds of videos.

Frontline:   PBS Documentaries on various controversial and complex stories

The History Channel:  Historical videos and speeches. 

Kids Know It Network:  Educational videos  that includes a video introduction and online quiz.  

National Geographic:  Educational videos to support your educational needs.  Subjects include animals, environoment, space, people and many other topics.

P.O.V. by PBS: Point of View (POV) documentaries and lesson plans for the classroom as well as a library of free DVDs and VHS tapes for teacher use.

PBS Nova:  Online Nova programs that focus around science. 

Teach with Movies:  Lesson plans for 285 different movies that make classes exciting, promote character education and cover multiple subjects.