In January, I started taking a class titled Computers, Technology, Learning, and the Classroom.  During an online discussion, my professor posed a question about technology integration.  After much consideration, I began to think about ways I can help bring technology into my daughter's kindergarten classroom.  Since I had committed to being the mystery reader for her class, I figured out a way to incorporate VoiceThread during my visit.  A few weeks before, my daughter's class learned about predictions.  In addition, they were starting a new unit on plants.  Before I started reading, One Bean, I asked a few students to share their predictions about the book.  After I finished reading, I asked other students to tell me what they learned from the book.  When the project was complete, the VoiceThread was put on the teacher's website to share with the parents.  As a result, the parents and students were able to listen and extend the learning.