Why should I integrate technology?

Integrating technology in your lessons can enhance the learning environment for your students.  The possibilities are endless!  The Northwest Educational Technology Consortium and the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory suggest five different ways to incorporate technology in the classroom.


Make and display a graph

·         Graphing items or objects help student collect and organize information into meaning information.

·         Transforming graphs from physical objects to two-dimensional displays of information help with higher order thinking skills.

·         Graphing encourages students to ask and answer questions.

·         Example web sites: Kids’ Zone-Learning with NCES and Internet 4 Classrooms 

Explore with digital tools

·         Creating a student work sample with digital tools supports student involvement and promotes communication through individual and group feedback.

·         Students learn through experiential learning.

·         Example web sites: Go2Web2.0 and 4Teachers.org

Tell a story in pictures and words

·         Students can create illustrations, books, and slide show online.

·         Telling a story can create a love for reading, build language development and promote writing skills.

·         Example web sites: Story Arts and Center for Digital Story Telling

 Write, record, and revisit

·         Students can put their creativity to use by making a digital video, slide show or virtual field trip.

·         Students benefit through use of higher order thinking skills and language development.

·         Example web sites:Flickr and Education World Technology Center


Share and document learning

·         Create educational timelines with the use of a digital camera or online photos.

·         Collaborate with other students from around the world.

·         Students can publish their work on various educational sites.

·         Example web sites: Read Write Think and iEarn