Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are a great way to bring the world into your classroom.  Visit famous museums, historical sites and a variety of exciting places.  The world is at your fingertips!

This is an example of a virtual field trip from New Zealand.

Be World Wise:  Explore the world as a virtual voyager onboard the Barque Picton ship. 

eField Trips:  Their motto is, “Removing classroom walls.  Opening windows to our world.”   

GeologyLink:  Links to global geology field trips.

Museum of Unnatural Mystery:  A cyberspace museum devoted to unnatural science and society.  Click on the Children’s Reading Room to find children’s stories.

National Gallery of Art: Online tour of the national Gallery with videos and podcasts.

National Park Services:  Explore historical places in the United States.  Each location included an itinerary that provides descriptions, maps, photographs and related web sites. 

The Smithsonian:   Check out over 360 artifacts from the 14 different Smithsonian museums via images, video, audio clips and 3-D artifacts.

TramLine:  Create or view virtual field trips and web tours designed for P-12. 

Volcano World:  Check out virtual volcano field trips all around the world.  

MuseumStuff:  Over 1,000 different museum sites with virtual exhibits, educational links, and interactive tools.