If you haven’t heard about neoK12, this is the time to check out this cool site.  NeoK12 catalogs the best free online educational videos from the Internet into one site.  Each video is reviewed for content accuracy, tagged for age appropriateness, and cataloged into relevant categories and topics.  This site is 100% kid safe and have been viewed by K12 teachers.  NeoK12 is a great tool for any grade and classroom.  There are hundreds of videos related to science, social studies, math, English, arts, music and sports.  NeoK12 has over 2400 education videos that span over 130 different topics.  Teachers can create and share their own dashboard and bookmark their favorite videos and playlists.  NeoK12 is a site worth checking out!  Did I mention this site is totally free?
10/21/2010 05:20:58 pm

Instant is good, no seizing the moment is sad. I think we shall have fine spring days.


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