For all those History teachers out there, if you haven’t checkout out Footnote, this is the time!  Footnote is a site that offers original historical documents in conjunction with social networking.  All the documents relate to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, US Presidents, historical newspapers and much more.  In addition, users can share their thoughts and ideas.  Footnote is part free and part subscription.  With the free service, users can:
  • create their own page
  • search & browse images
  • spotlight images & documents
  • upload images to their gallery
  • annotate member images
  • upload, annotate and print your own images
  • View and search member images
Not all documents on Footnote are available with the basic-free membership.   A few of the free documents include names of people, places and topics such as:
  • US Milestone Documents-documents that created American history
  • Papers of the Continental Congress-Official records of the colonies and early US
  • Constitutional Convention Records-records from the US Constitution
  • Copy Books of George Washington’s Correspondence-events during Washington’s years as president

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