Pixton offers a virtual classroom where students can create and share digital comics.  This tool is easy to use and can cover a wide ranges of content areas, learning styles, and grade levels.  Teachers can try out Pixton free for 14 days (enough time to do a small group or individual project).  The virtual classroom enable teachers and students to go into their private virtual classroom to create and interact in a safe and secure environment.  Teachers can tailor their room to student needs and create an unlimited number of comics.  If you need lesson plan ideas, don't fret...Pixton has a lesson plan bank to fit all your needs. 

Pixton's easy-to-use comic editor consists of clicking and dragging content and images into a 3-panel or an epic comic up to 12 rows long.  This tool even allows you to move your comic character into any pose and facial expression and remix the comics you already created. 

Comics can be created to make visual essays, storyboards, and characters.  It is also a great way to reinterpret stories and historical events.  Pixton comics can be printed or embedded in blogs, wikis, websites, and e-portfolios. 

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