As I was preparing for my class smackdown, I ran across this interesting (and free) Web 2.0 tool that allows students and teachers to create interactive educational games, activities, and diagrams.  All creations are created with flash templates and can be embedded into web pages, blogs, and wikis. offers four different quiz creators and many different learning templates.  A few of the templates are described below.

Chronological Awareness Tools-tools that visually represent history and time (timelines)

Categorization Tools-tools that allow students to prioritize and diagram central ideas and thoughts

Prioritization Tools-tools that help students select, prioritize and categorize concepts

Source Work Skills-tools that allow students to examine and analyze words and images

Essay Skills-tools to diagram key concepts and main points of an essay

One of my favorite tools in is the arcade game generator.  You can very easily and quickly input questions, select the game you want to create (there are 4 different games) and produce your very own arcade game.  This tool is great to asses student's prior knowledge or review.  Some other cool tools on this site include flashcard generator, countdown timer, random name picker and many more. 

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to create an arcade style game.