Raylit is a great site for early childhood educators and parents who want to entertain and educate children through interactive games, videos and fun activities.  The focus of Raylit is to offer an engaging learning environment using computer technology.  The sessions guide children (ages 3-7) through each lesson, speak to them by name, teach age-appropriate concepts, promote good habits, and positive behavior.  It is easy to use and only requires the use of a computer mouse.  Raylit has a plethora of educational games and videos that include:

Analytical games and puzzles
Music, rhymes and stories
Phonics, reading and writing
Good habits

Raylit offers a limited amount of free sessions.  If you want to join, each session will cost $.50 each.

For all those History teachers out there, if you haven’t checkout out Footnote, this is the time!  Footnote is a site that offers original historical documents in conjunction with social networking.  All the documents relate to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, US Presidents, historical newspapers and much more.  In addition, users can share their thoughts and ideas.  Footnote is part free and part subscription.  With the free service, users can:
  • create their own page
  • search & browse images
  • spotlight images & documents
  • upload images to their gallery
  • annotate member images
  • upload, annotate and print your own images
  • View and search member images
Not all documents on Footnote are available with the basic-free membership.   A few of the free documents include names of people, places and topics such as:
  • US Milestone Documents-documents that created American history
  • Papers of the Continental Congress-Official records of the colonies and early US
  • Constitutional Convention Records-records from the US Constitution
  • Copy Books of George Washington’s Correspondence-events during Washington’s years as president
Yaca Paca is a free e-learning platform created for teachers to use as an assessment tool.  The two main functions are to create quizzes/tests and ePortfolios.  Yaca Paca can be used for reading comprehension, self evaluation, assessment, improve writing and so much more.

Teachers can...

·         Create quizzes and tests
·         Give and grade assignments/projects
·         Issue grades and provide feedback
·         Assess individual and group grades

Students can...
·         Personalize their own ePortfolio
·         Upload assignments
·         Take tests and quizzes
·         Receive grades

Parents can...
·         Stay up to date with their child’s progress
·         Provide feedback


Last week I was introduced to a great site for teachers and students called Glogster.  If you haven't heard about this cool way to integrate digital posters in teaching and learning, you must check out this awesome Web 2.0 tool.  Glogster allows students to collaborate, create, and share online posters.  You can insert text, graphics, images, video, and sound.  Teachers can register for their own virtual classroom and host up to 200 students.  I could go on and on but Gloster created a very informative SlideShare presentation with everything you want to know about digital poster making and much more.  Check it out...

My Tuxpi Example
Tuxpi is a great photo tool that allows students and teachers to apply photo effects.   Want to promote visual literacy in your classroom?  Here is an easy and free way to start!  With Tuxpi, you can create motivational posters, postage stamps, wanted posters, pop art, speech bubbles and many fun effects.  Students have the opportunity to communicate an idea about the subject they are studying.  Anyone can use Tuxpi to celebrate a historical event, visually define a concept/topic, identify a famous scientist, or identify a significant place or theme.   

Tuxpi is very easy to use and can be incorporated in the K-12 classroom.  All you do is select the effect you want to use, upload your image, and you are ready to save.  This 1-click tool is worth checking out!

The Visual Thesaurus (VT) is an interactive reference tool that increases a student's ability for reading, writing and communicating.  This Web 2.0 tool is a dictionary and thesaurus that promotes reading comprehension, introduces new vocabulary words and concepts, and proper pronunciation.  The VT creates a word map with the main word in the center of the screen connected by related words and meanings.  Students will find synonyms, definitions, various word meanings, antonyms, and pronunciations.   

Some of advantages of the VT are:
  • research the Internet for word related websites and images
  • contains over 145,000 English words and 115,000 meanings
  • ability to see and explore different parts of speech
  • access the VT from any Internet-connect computer
  • visual learning
  • Create and share with other students
  • explore words in other languages
  • productive tool for ESL students

Vocaroo is a voice recording service that can be incorporated into any PreK-12 classroom.  This easy to use Web 2.0 tool does not require you to create an account or log in each time you use it.  Want an added bonus?  It's free and there is no limit of message length!

This a great tool teachers can use on blogs, web pages or wikis that allow students, parents, and others to record and play back their own voice.  Some educational uses include:
- oral accommodations for students with learning disabilities
-  great way to check for understanding
-  reinforce learning
-  great communication tool to share with parents
-  provide verbal feedback instead of typing (great for non-writers)


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